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Proactive Risk Mitigation and Quality Philosophy

ASE understands the challenges of managing large, complex projects. That is why we follow a series of proactive measures to eliminate surprises and uphold the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

ASE executes a scalable internal risk management process to ensure that the level, type, and visibility of risk management are proportionate to the risk and magnitude of a project.

In the earliest project stages, risks are identified, categorized and rated based on the likelihood of each to occur. Risks that meet a threshold criteria will be recorded in a risk management plan, which is used by a risk assessment team to determine a course of action. Risk reviews are held throughout the project to ensure the necessary measures are being implemented, evaluated for effectiveness, and tracked. All of this information is conveyed to each customer throughout a project.

Subcontract Management

ASE partners with reputable local, regional, and specialist subcontractors to ensure your project is a success. Prior to kickoff, we meet with potential new subcontractors to clearly define the scope of work, the project goals and the complicated dynamics of testing facility construction.

We have developed strategic partnerships with many suppliers around the world based on their quality, responsiveness and cost performance. Where appropriate, we use regional or local suppliers to leverage their knowledge of local codes and reduce shipping costs.

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing and assembly processes are documented and followed to ensure the highest levels of product quality and reliability for you. We have a skilled and experienced workforce who understands the critical nature of your test equipment. Our workmanship and durability is covered under warranties that are tailored to your project needs.

The ASE commitment to providing quality products extends to our subcontractors. Product documentation and specifications are incorporated into our contracts to clarify project requirements. We take quality another step further by inspecting parts at the subcontractor site prior to shipment or upon installation.

A heater system in the ASE FluiDyne Channel 10 wind tunnel inlet is used to prevent water vapor condensation in the test section during higher Mach number test conditions ( M∞>0.45)