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Test Capabilities that Adapt with Industry Needs

For more than 65 years, the ASE FluiDyne Aerotest Laboratory has been providing aerodynamic test services to support aerospace and industrial OEMs in their design, development and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validation efforts. It is one of the few independently owned test facilities of its type in the world.

The FluiDyne Laboratory staff is equipped to support your full-scale, subscale and small-scale testing needs.

Subscale Propulsion Testing

  • Turbofan exhaust systems and thrust reversers, inlets, through flow nacelle calibrations, noise

Wind Tunnel Testing

  • Transonic free-stream, specialists in installed propulsion simulation

Flow Testing

  • Duct calibrations, full-scale heat exchangers, probe calibrations, scoops, sand ingestion, turbulence

This hot-flow static test stand is used for the evaluation of mixed-flow exhaust system performance.