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Comprehensive Engine Test Cell Facility Expertise

In 1967, a team of forward-looking engineers recognized that jet engine testing would be increasingly critical to commercial air travel and passenger safety as the industry expanded and matured. ASE was born.

We have since become a global leader in the design, construction and support of engine test facilities for all engine types, across the product lifecycle. Our insight into engine test cells also allows us to upgrade or modify existing facilities for customers looking to expand their testing capabilities.

This 14- x 14-meter test cell is the largest MRO facility in Asia. ASE Aerosystems installed the first 10- x 10-meter cell for Korean Air in the 1980s. Korean Air was so satisfied with ASE Sales and Service that it decided to purchase the larger test cell from ASE.

“ASE is a reliable test cell solutions provider. They have worked with PW collaboratively over the years in providing products and services that meet our MRO global test requirements.”

— Tim Moran, Program Director | Pratt & Whitney

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