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Expertise Applied: Client Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how ASE has partnered with global aerospace manufacturers and research organizations to help them optimize their testing capabilities.

“ASE is a leading global company in engine test cell construction and always provides excellent service with high-quality results. From 2007 to 2009, China Airlines cooperated with ASE on a 120,000-pound engine test cell building project. Due to the financial crisis at the time, we were facing soaring prices in raw materials. The ASE team demonstrated their professional expertise by coordinating with each subcontractor to best meet our cost requirements. Without their dedicated performance, cohesive teamwork and enthusiasm, we wouldn’t have accomplished this project successfully.”
— Mr. Kevin Tsai, General Manager of Engine Maintenance Department | China Airlines

Korean Airlines: 14M Test Cell

Korean Air selected ASE AeroSystems to design and build a new, 14 x 14 meter test facility located in Incheon, South Korea, primarily designed for testing GE90 and PW4000 engines.

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Delta Airlines: 14.6M Test Cell

ASE AeroSystems worked with Delta TechOps on the business case for locating an engine test cell near the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. This test cell is currently the world’s largest.

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China Airlines: 12M Test Cell

ASE AeroSystems designed, built and commissioned a turnkey 12M test facility at China Airlines headquarters, located at Taipei International Airport in Taiwan. ASE equipment includes the best-in-class ASE2000LX Control and Data Acquisition System, along with a 150K thrust stand and engine test adapters.

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Honda America: Production Test Cell

ASE AeroSystems designed the Honda Aero Engine Testing Facility in Burlington, North Carolina, USA. In addition to facility design, ASE supplied all equipment, including aerodynamic and acoustic components, as well as all data systems required for testing.

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General Electric: Test Cell Upgrade

ASE AeroSystems upgraded two 50-year-old test cells at the the GE facility in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA, for development and production testing of the GE38 Helicopter engine.

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General Electric: GEnx Test Cell Upgrade

ASE AeroSystems redesigned a 30-year-old test cell from a dual-inlet to single-inlet configuration at the GE Caledonian test facility in Prestwick, UK, as a means of elevating aerodynamic and acoustic performance to the levels necessary for testing GEnx Engines.

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GMF AeroAsia: Test Cell Upgrade

A subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia Airlines, GMF AeroAsia partnered with ASE AeroSystems to expand its engine test capabilities to include the CFM56-7B engine.

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Rolls-Royce Canada: Test Cell Upgrade

ASE AeroSystems supplied the test equipment and aerodynamic/acoustic systems for Rolls-Royce Canada Industrial Engine Test Facilities in Montreal, Canada. Engines tested in the facility include Industrial RB211 and Industrial Trent.

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Boeing: Cruise Speed Acoustic Test

ASE FluiDyne was able to uniquely gather data at wind speeds between Mach 0.8 and 0.85 in a hard-wall facility.

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German Aerospace Research Establishment

ASE FluiDyne formed a consortium with Interatom GmbH to supply a free piston shock tunnel to the German Aerospace Research Establishment at Gottingen, West Germany. ASE FluiDyne was responsible for the test leg. The resulting facility is able to produce the highest enthalpy in the world.

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