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Korean Airlines: 14M Test Cell

Korean Air selected ASE AeroSystems to design and build a new, 14 x 14 meter test facility located in Incheon, South Korea, primarily designed for testing GE90 and PW4000 engines.

The test facility including all of its specialized test equipment incorporates a two-story control building and engine preparation area. ASE AeroSystems provided the following services and products to Korean Airlines for their test cell:

  1. Test facility design package including a local A&E Construction drawing package
  2. Detailed aero/acoustic element design and/or specifications
  3. Hardware, software and equipment
    • Inlet bar silencers and support structure
    • Inlet turning vanes
    • Inlet screen and support structure
    • Augmentor tube
    • Exhaust bar silencers and support structure
    • Lift platform
    • Main test cell door and drive system with controls
    • Personnel acoustic doors and window
    • Fuel pump, measurement and filter packages
    • Air start, engine wash, preservation oil and lube oil packages
    • 150K thrust stand assembly and support structure
    • Thrust calibration package
    • PW4090 adapter assembly
    • GE90-115B adapter assembly
    • Intermediate adapter for PW4000-94” & -100” and CFM56-7 existing adapters
    • ASE2000LX Data Acquisition System (DACS)

This 14- x 14-meter test cell is the largest MRO facility in Asia. ASE Aerosystems installed the first 10- x 10-meter cell for Korean Air in the 1980s. Korean Air was so satisfied with ASE Sales and Service that it decided to purchase the larger test cell from ASE.