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Rolls-Royce Canada: Test Cell Upgrade

ASE AeroSystems supplied the test equipment and aerodynamic/acoustic systems for Rolls-Royce Canada Industrial Engine Test Facilities in Montreal, Canada. Engines tested in the facility include Industrial RB211 and Industrial Trent.

More recently, ASE AeroSystems conducted an aerodynamic/feasibility study to add the RB211 H63 test capability to the Test Cell 3 Industrial Trent direct-drive generator test bed. ASE AeroSystems also supplied the airmeter for the project.

Following this study, ASE AeroSystems was contracted by Rolls-Royce Canada to perform an extensive facility modification. Those included a new-generation elbow augmenter and corresponding exhaust stack to enable nozzle testing of RB211-style gas turbines within the direct-drive generator testing facility. The modification enables essential flexibility between nozzle testing and direct-drive generator testing, in support of the varied research and development programs on energy gas turbines.


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