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ASE FluiDyne aerodynamic testing services helps advance new benchmarks for turbine engine exhaust system and thrust reverser performance for advanced business jet applications including supersonic flight.

Channels 11 and 14 combine the conventional static test stand direct force measurement system with the added capability of running hot and cold flow simultaneously with the hot (900 degrees F) flow duct enabling the simulation of the temperature ratio between the core stage and bypass stage of an engine exhaust system. The effects of the mixing of hot primary and cold secondary streams on nozzle performance can be studied in these facilities. These facilities also feature three component force balances which define the thrust vector for asymmetric exhaust nozzle configurations. Surface and stream pressures and temperatures can be measured together with force, and many of the special techniques applied in ASE’s cold flow static stands can be applied here also. The Channel 11 facility is also configured to acquire comparative acoustic data on candidate nozzle configurations to aid in selecting the best thrust efficiency/noise combination.

Hot-flow static test stand used for the evaluation of mixed-flow exhaust system performance.

ASE’s FluiDyne Aerotest Laboratory capabilities help enable engine, aerostructure, and airframe OEMs to meet subsonic and supersonic propulsion performance goals in pursuit of long-term environmental benefits to air travel.

Aero Systems Engineering, Inc. (ASE), based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a leading global provider of mission-critical testing and engineering services to manufacturers of jet engines and industrial gas turbines, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (“MRO”) providers, governments and militaries. ASE serves the aerospace and energy markets in: 1) independent testing services at its aerodynamic laboratory; 2) design and build of aerodynamic ground test facilities and equipment; and 3) design and build of engine test facilities and equipment. ASE provides products and services under the brand names AeroSystems and FluiDyne.

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