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ASE FluiDyne Aerodynamic Testing Services Completes Large Transonic Wind Tunnel Upgrade – Now capable of Mach 1.2

Over the summer and fall of 2019 ASE’s FluiDyne laboratory, which is renowned for producing highly accurate test data, completed an upgrade to its large open loop blowdown transonic wind tunnel known as Channel 10. This upgrade allows for tests of subscale exhaust system models in free stream test conditions up to Mach 1.2.

In operation since the early 1970’s, the 66 by 66 inch cross section wind tunnel at the ASE FluiDyne Aerotest Laboratory has been providing aerodynamic test services to support aerospace and industrial OEMs in their design, development and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validation efforts. It is one of the few independently owned test facilities of its type in the world.

Channel 10

Significant achievements of this upgrade include:

  • Designed a set of integrated tunnel wall inserts to achieve conditions at Mach 1.2 allowing an expanded test condition envelope.
  • New inserts allow testing at the higher velocity with larger scale test models enabling the simulation of more physical features in a sub-scale model to better match the full-scale equipment.

ASE FluiDyne Aerodynamic Testing Services completed hardware and testing packages are tailored for each customer’s unique needs. The FluiDyne Laboratory staff is equipped to match our capabilities to support our customer’s full-scale, subscale and small-scale testing needs.

Mach 1.2 Inserts

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