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Aero Systems Engineering and Pratt & Whitney Collaborate to Test the GTF™ PW1100G-JM Engine in Asia and North America

Aero Systems Engineering and Pratt & Whitney teamed to build a new test cell at the Pratt & Whitney Columbus Engine Center and to complete two major test cell upgrades in Singapore.

Pratt & Whitney Columbus

Aero Systems Engineering (ASE) is proud to be a collaborator with Pratt & Whitney Columbus Engine Center on designing and building a state of the art 10 meter engine test cell. The new test cell will enhance the test capability for future growth including Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines. The Columbus Engine Center continues to be in a very strong position to provide the highest quality MRO services to their customers. ASE provided the design of the new test cell including the critical Aero Dynamic dimensions used for current and future engines enabling proper air flow and acoustic attenuation. The new test facility will be used in testing all the GTF engines and is also capable of testing legacy engines as well.

“ASE is a reliable test cell solutions provider, and they have worked extensively with Pratt & Whitney over the years in providing products and services that meet our MRO global test requirements.”

— Tim Moran, Aftermarket Operations | Pratt & Whitney

ASE has provided all the Special Test Equipment for Pratt & Whitney Columbus Engine Center, including the thrust stand (120,000 pound), mechanical packages, aero dynamic turning vanes, inlet flow screen, augmentor tube, acoustic bar silencers in the inlet and exhaust systems and Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS). To support the testing of the Pratt & Whitney GTF engine family, ASE has also provided all the test adapters to enable test capabilities required in the new test cell.

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Pratt and Whitney Columbus Test Cell

Eagle Services Asia

Aero Systems Engineering (ASE) is also very proud to be selected to collaborate with Eagle Services Asia (ESA), a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney and Singapore Airlines, on designing and implementing major modifications to both of their jet engine test cells in Singapore. Both Test Cell 1 and Test Cell 2 have undergone significant facility modifications to allow for improved airflow quality, better acoustical properties, and efficiency improvements. Test Cell 1 received a new data and controls system as well as Special Test Equipment for testing Pratt & Whitney GTF™ PW1000G-JM engines. These facility improvements will give ESA the ability to test the new generation of GTF engines.

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Eagle Services Asia Test Cell #1 and #2 Received Upgrades

Aero Systems Engineering, Inc. (ASE), based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a leading global provider of mission-critical testing and engineering services to manufacturers of jet engines and industrial gas turbines, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (“MRO”) providers, governments and militaries. ASE serves the aerospace and energy markets in: 1) independent testing services at its aerodynamic laboratory; 2) design and build of aerodynamic ground test facilities and equipment; and 3) design and build of engine test facilities and equipment. ASE provides products and services under the brand names AeroSystems and FluiDyne.

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