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To Support Growth ASE FluiDyne Aerodynamic Testing Services Adds Machining Capacity

ASE FluiDyne Aerodynamic Testing Services recently increased its machining capacity by adding a fourth 5-axis precision manufacturing universal machining center to its precision fabrication shop. The Hass UMC-500ss center will enable ASE to continue progressing towards the goals of reduced setup time and increasing accuracy for three-dimensional complex close tolerance parts provided to our customers.

Hass UMC-500ss

To achieve highly accurate test data requires precise manufacturing to OEM standards. These results are achieved in a timely manner through in-house design and manufacturing capability. ASE FluiDyne Aerodynamic Testing Services offers test rigs and subscale model building capability for aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems at our industry-leading laboratory facility. Complete hardware and testing packages are tailored for each customer’s unique needs.

Precision Fabrication

ASE is continuously investing to improve efficiency, reduce lead time and improve quality.

Aero Systems Engineering, Inc. (ASE), based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a leading global provider of mission-critical testing and engineering services to manufacturers of jet engines and industrial gas turbines, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (“MRO”) providers, governments and militaries. ASE serves the aerospace and energy markets in: 1) independent testing services at its aerodynamic laboratory; 2) design and build of aerodynamic ground test facilities and equipment; and 3) design and build of engine test facilities and equipment. ASE provides products and services under the brand names AeroSystems and FluiDyne.

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