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Supplying Critical Aerodynamic Testing Products

ASE FluiDyne designs and supplies a broad selection of high-performance specialty components and software to enhance the capabilities of your existing wind tunnel facility.

Best in Class

Frequently sourced ASE FluiDyne wind tunnel equipment includes:

  • High-temperature heat exchangers
  • Hypersonic nozzles
  • Model support systems
  • Captive trajectory systems
  • Open jet diffuser systems
  • Flow conditioning systems
  • Heat storage systems
  • High temperature valves
  • Specialized control valves
  • Large high-pressure isolation valves
  • Automatic positioning systems
  • ASE FluiDyne Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS)

The ASE FluiDyne Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS) enables a highly precise and intuitive experience for controlling the tunnel, collecting data and processing data for analysis and reporting. Multiple high-rate control loops manage a wide range of aerodynamic test functions.

This HMI for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Facility Control provides highly intuitive monitoring of wind tunnel status and the early recognition of potential issues. The interface also enables remote operation of main tunnel components, as well as remote control of tunnel speed and temperature.